Friday, 28 September 2012

reprentation of women in music videos

Representation of women women are portrayed in music videos as sexually available. media have a big influence on this..the video capture the midshot of the girls, this encourages the male gaze. The camera also tilts downwards.

Some modern artists today rap about women and there bodies. This is frowned upon my some of the public, there view is that when artists that make these type of songs have no respect for women.

 Word used in this song exploits women!!

However you may say that women do it to themselves aswell, the way they advertise there bodies on the videos could be to catch the male gaze on purpose, its almost like they seek that attention from men.

Nicki Minaj would be the best example for this statement, as we all know that she has implants for her bum she uses this to her advantage.

 In this snapshot you have Nicki Minaj  showing alot of skin, this is pulling the males attention, even if men are not interested its almost like they are are forced to watch it because its on TV
 this snapshot is almost like she's groping the women next to her to make a extra emphasis on how big her bum is. its a full legnth shot, everything in the backround is excluded to make extra emphasis.


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